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YA Fantasy

Current Status: Querying

Bonding—two people forever linked mind and soul, their every thought, every emotion, every experience entwined. Kadren and Brelina are Bonded, whether they want to be or not.
Sixteen-year-old, fire mage Kadren must become the hero his mother believes him to be. He learns to strengthen his magic—preparing to face the tyrannical king’s mage warriors or dragons to defend his family and home. He doesn’t expect to be captured.
Being Bonded to the water mage Brelina comes as a surprise too. She acts as if sharing his thoughts is normal, but he has no idea how it happened. His connection to her is maddening, yet Kadren finds it irresistible.
Brelina is as delicate and innocent as a wisp of smoke with a stubborn streak that drives him mad. The fool girl worships the king and believes he has every right to order the mages beaten or killed, but Kadren cannot suppress his fascination for her.
When the chance to escape arises, Brelina refuses to go. Kadren can command fires with whispers, yet he can do nothing to change her mind. In order to save his village, he must leave without her, but the Bond’s connection means when she is hurt the pain slices through him too. The king will torture her to get to him. If he chooses to stay, Kadren will never be the hero he needs to become to defeat the king, but escaping means he’s leaving behind the one girl he wants to save.


YA Urban Fantasy

Current Status: Second draft with the crit group.

When seventeen-year-old Vanessa's abusive boyfriend kills her, she comes back with the powers to make him pay. Revenge is bad--she could lose her soul for it. But he really really deserves it.


Bennett and Kate

YA Fantasy

Current Status: First draft

It's a modern day fairy tale where true loves kiss doesn't end the curse--it makes it worse.

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