Monday, November 7, 2011

The Search for the Right Critique Partners: Part 2 Where to find them.

Critique partners are essential for developing writing and the right critique partner absolutely necessary.
But where do you find them?
  1. On-line groups. The resources online for writers seems limitless. Google it. A simple search will bring tons of groups and forums. Online writing communities are a great way to meet fellow writers. Find a group and contribute. Guarantee you'll make friends and eventually have a tight-knit group of people to share manuscripts with.
  2. Writer's Conferences. Writer's conferences are great resources. Better than great—they're tremendous resources. You can establish connections with fellow writers, rub elbows with agents, and make friends. Some of the best critique partners you can find are fellow conference goers.
  3. Friends and family. You have family members and friends who writes too. It might not be blatantly obvious, but you will know it if you watch for the signs. Keep your eyes open to find them. They are the ones with the notebook they take everywhere. If you listen, you can find the cousin talking about a rogue main character or friend discussing the plot issue she resolved over her morning cereal.
    What other places have you found critiquing friends?


  1. It is so crazy important. You're definitely right. The important thing is finding those you trust and are dependable.

  2. Just found you from the I Write Network. I so can relate to the cone of shame. I remember sending out a first chapter that I considered a work of pure genius. And they came back with "Uh, we think you ought to start your book at the very end of this chapter." Sigh.