Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trust and Awesome Books

Sometimes, I’m just in the mood to read a really good book. I don’t want to be bogged down with flat characters or boring plots. I don't want to start a book and have it end terribly or begin terribly. I just want to be caught up in story. I want characters that I adore (even when they are annoying).
During these times, I turn to authors I can trust. I have a list of authors that I enjoy every single book they write. The genre doesn’t matter. I know it will be good. For these authors, I’ll snatch their books off the library shelf without even reading the jacket flaps or studying the covers.
I know their books will be awesome and sometimes every reader needs a little bit of awesomeness.
How do these trusty-worthy authors do it?
Here are some things I’ve noticed that the authors on my list have in common.
1.      They know their craft. They know the basics of grammar. They understand character development and plot arcs. I don't have to plow through poorly constructed sentences or dig my way out of plot holes. I can just enjoy the story.
2.      They create memorable characters. Yeah, their plots are superb too, but really I can’t put down their books because I want to find out what happens to the character. The voice is strong. When reading, I forget that the characters are a creation of the author's imagination.
3.      Their endings are satisfying. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a happy ending, just that it’s a fitting ending. Their endings are also not predictable and yet, there is a connection to the beginning that astounds me in its simplicity.
4.      Their books make me think. I love books that when I finish, I just have to sit and think about what happened. Books that help me better understand people and ponder life. On my list of trusted authors, they do this consistently.
Do you have favorite authors like this? How do you think they do it?

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  1. I know you are already thinking this, but BRANDON SANDERSON! I also am a big fan of Shannon Hales, and Karen Hesse. I'm big on characters. I'll stop a series midway if the characters start to do things that bug me, no matter how compelling the plot.