Friday, October 12, 2012


Writing isn’t in itself scary. But there can be rather worrisome moments. If you don’t believe me, check the heart rate of any author who has just sent out a bunch of queries. Or even worse, when the query response has come back and it’s sitting in your e-mail inbox, unopened, waiting.
Rejection can sting, so perhaps that’s why it’s so scary to submit.
One day nearly five years ago, I was walking my dog (This will connect back to writing, I promise). Anyhow, Lucy, in her excitement to smell some awesome aroma, stuck her head into a shrub. This particular plant had a branch that stuck straight out—which poked Lu in the eye.
She was fine, but to this day (Note: five years later), Lucy refuses to walk past that particular stretch of shrubs.
Moral of the story?
Sometimes things (rejected queries) hurt, but it’s foolish to let something like that paralyze you. Keep sending.
Second moral of the story?
Chihuahuas never ever ever forget.

Happy writing!


  1. Sweet! My daughter's name is Lucy, and that is by far the most common comment I get about her name: "Oh, my dog's name is Lucy!" HA! :D

    I try not to be askeered of the inbox. The worst thing I will read is NO. There's always hope for the next one.

  2. Good analogy. After all, the whole querying process can sometimes be about as enjoyable as getting stuck in the eye with a stick. (Good luck!)

  3. I'm actually excited to start querying. I've got one final pass through edit to do, then I'll be ready. Maybe in a few weeks.

    I'm pretty sure once I get the first few rejections, reality will set in though. But at least this time, I feel more confident about my story then the first novel I queried. It's definitely a live and learn experience.

  4. I like the story! We don't learn from things we don't like. :)

  5. aw, poor puppy!
    the best way to be accepted is to improve from rejection and keep trying! great story!

  6. My beagle went sprinting into the woods once in pursuit of a rabbit, and came back with a stick poking out of her eye socket. She didn't even notice.

    There was no permanent damage, luckily--we took her to the vet, they surgically removed the stick and gave us some antibiotics to make sure it didn't get infected, and that was the end of it. But still.

    Moral of the story? My beagle could really learn something from your chihuahua.

    Love the analogy!

  7. Poor traumatized puppy :( Great story. I agree we can't let rejection get us down.

  8. My problem isn't the rejections--it's the no response. Dozens of queries, and only two responses in the last year.

    I think the numbers are a little skewed.


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  10. Ouch, poor dog. We can't let rejection get us down. While it may have happened, I don't know of anyone who was accepted on their very first query so we all need to be prepared to keep walking by that shrub.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if the dog has the right idea. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  12. "If you don’t believe me, check the heart rate of any author who has just sent out a bunch of queries."

    Or in my case, a writing contest, which is what sent me to the cardiologist for an ultrasound and heart monitor (not to mention all the blood work! Yuck).

    Your poor puppy!